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The Story of Nothing But Treble

A Creative Ensemble

Nothing But Treble is a women's chorus from Elgin, IL.
We are a group of 18+ female singers, always happy to welcome new faces!
For information about booking or joining us, please shoot us a message!
Strong Women’s Voices United in Song--Nothing But Treble!
Who We Are…

Our ages bridge five decades--together our voices span over five octaves!
We are women born and raised in Elgin, as well as transplants from far and wide…
We are married, partnered, single, straight, gay, child-free and child centered!
We work full time, part time, in our homes and 24/7.
Our musical backgrounds range from high school and church choir singing,
to music teaching and performing, to singing with the Lyric Opera Chorus!
We were led until 2019 by our fearless Founder and Director, Ms. Rosalind Zager, and we have started the new year and decade led in song by our new Director, Ms. Kathi Bernhard.
Our programming includes outstanding repertoire for women’s voices of every genre with a strong nod to female composers and music from around the world.

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